Selling Products with Stories

We empower marketers, blogs and companies of all sizes to form partnerships that drive brand recognition and sales.
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Our Services

Advertising has changed, and Gratify is here to help match up publishers and advertisers with a simple tool that helps promote products in a natural way.

Product Reviews

We simplify the process of getting your product reviewed by influencers. Share your vision with thought leaders in your niche and the’yll craft the perfect message for your audience.
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Sponsored Content

Have something to share but you can’t find your voice? Ditch the old advertising rules and let influencers deliver your message to their readers in a style their readers already trust.
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For Advertisers

Everyone knows advertising isn’t what it used to be. Choosing a Facebook or Google Ad and expecting the world to come knocking on your door is unrealistic. Consumers have grown numb to ads, so it’s time to make an adjustment and tell an interesting story about your product.
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For Publishers

Sponsored posts and reviews are known to work better than traditional advertising. Give your advertisers what they want—an effective way to promote their product or service—and your publication generates more content and revenue.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase an ad?
Simply select a option that best fits your goals and budget from our list of publishers.
Can I buy posts/reviews on multiple sites?
Yes! You can buy ads on as many websites as you would like.
Can I provide the copy for a sponsored review?
This is up to the publisher, but generally speaking we'd say you can provide copy as a guideline, but the publisher should have the freedom to "make it their own" as well.
How do I become a publisher?
Simply fill out the short publisher application form, we’ll review your submission and be in touch within 3 days.
How must does it cost?
Gratify collects 20% from Publishers for each unit purchased. Advertisers pay varying amounts to publishers, depending on the fees set by the publishers.
Can I cancel anytime or I am locked into a contract?
You can cancel anytime, but we think you’ll love it so much you’ll never want to leave! :)

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