About our Company

Everyone knows content marketing is where its at. Sure it takes a LOT more time and effort than other forms of traditional digital advertising, but it works! 82% of consumers feel more positive about a company after reading custom content, and 70% would rather learn more about a brand through articles than advertisements. But even with its success, many challenges plague both B2C and B2B marketing departments. That’s where this newsletter comes in.

We are marketing and technology geeks—each with 10+ years of experience—who started curating our own collection of tips and tools for a newsletter we share with our own networks. We’ve watched the evolution of marketing evolve from print based, to the onset of digital and to where it is today—selling products and services with relevant stories. So sign up today for a weekly roundup of only the best links relevant to your craft or if you want to chat, feel free to drop us a line at contrademailact@gratify.io.

Our Team Members


Nate S.

Founder CTO


Rachel M.

Founder CMO