What’s better than generating content in an industry you love? How about getting paid for the article you write? Whether you run a large publication with dozens of writers or are a one-person show with all of the content coming from your fingertips, there comes a point when you need to monetize those efforts and bring in natural advertising, so as not to turn off your readers.

And that’s just the point. No one wants to see banner ads anymore. So, Gratify has a team of experts to hunt down and bring in quality companies that correlate with the type of content you’re already producing. If your blog talks about wearable technology, you can get paid to write reviews or sponsored content about companies with new product releases in that niche. It’s time to get paid for the work you put in, while giving advertisers access to a tactic that works.


  • You only pay when ads/stories are placed
  • We automate the entire sales process, leaving you time to focus on your business
  • Your Advertisers are getting an amazing return on their investment

Pain Points Solved

As a Publisher, you know how painful the process of posting advertisements on your site can be. With Gratify, you don't have to spend time writing multiple emails back and forth with advertisers. You don't have to worry about collecting payment.

Our service takes care of the time consuming and painful aspects of dealing with advertising placement. We allow you to specify the exact requirements for the content you publish. We collect payments for you and automatically transfer funds to your account. We even make it easier for advertisers to find you, by being part of our Publisher network.

Are you ready to increasing your earning potential?